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Carmenta is a technology company, based in the Asian hub of Singapore, that provides the most innovative, cost effective, built for purpose solutions for the traded markets, encompassing financial, energy and commodity products.

We incorporate Blockchain technology such as shared digital ledgers, hyper logic fabric, cryptography and smart contracts to drive process simplification, improved regulatory visibility, tamper-proof security authentication and smart data management.

The landscape for markets is changing at an unprecedented pace. Waves of new regulation, capital requirements and technology are forcing fundamental shifts in the way that all participant segments interact with the traded markets. Efficiency, technology-enabled cost reduction and best execution imperatives are now the key focus areas driving the ability to maintain and build market share, margins and customer loyalty.
The Carmenta team has a deep understanding of these challenges and how to overcome them. We build solutions that address all of these key areas, helping our users to stay at the forefront of technology development by enabling them to drive process efficiency and best execution in the markets through optimal exposure matching and streamlined post-trade processing management.

Our Team

The Carmenta team has unparalleled experience in the markets built over years spent at blue chip institutions.

Rob has over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. Most recently he was Managing Director at GFI Group Asia managing all front office activity and was responsible for several highly successful market matching initiatives. He has also worked at Tullett Prebon, ABN-Amro Bank and Abbey National. Rob holds an MSc. in Economics from Cardiff Business School.


Rob Perman

Terry has led teams that have built some of the most effective and sophisticated trading platforms. He has previously worked at Tudor Investment Corporation, Barclays Capital and Susquehanna Pacific. Terry also holds a BCA in Information Systems Management from Victoria University (NZ) and an MCom. in Finance from the University of Sydney.


Terry Corlet

Steve worked together with Terry at Tudor Investment Corporation and Barclays Capital. He has also worked for Nortel and IBM in his earlier career. Steve holds a BAT in Software Engineering from the Central Institute of Technology, New Zealand and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and Investment from the Australian Securities Institute.


Steve Hager

Eamonn also has more than two decades of experience in the financial markets. He has held senior positions at ABN-Amro Bank, Barclays Capital and started his career in the FX markets at Citibank. Eamonn has a BSc. in Chemistry & Biochemistry from Imperial College London, and an MBA (Distinction) from London Business School.


Eamonn Ling


If you are have an inquisitive personality and are fascinated by the markets, or are intrigued by the prospect of building the best technology products for the markets, then please do contact us at info@carmentagroup.com.

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